The media provides a great tool for science communication. I have been involved in the production of independent wildlife documentaries and landmark series. Below you can see these projects. I also co-founded the nonprofit organisation Wildlife Messengers, where I am engaged in the production of future documentaries for wildlife conservation. See my IMDb profile for full reference.

BBC: Planet Earth III (2023) |  Trailer  | Website |  IMDb
Scientific Consultant
The third part of BBC’s super landmark series, the Planet Earth franchise. I gave scientific advice and coordinated logistics for filming emergent trees in the episode on Forests.

BBC: Seven Worlds One Planet (2019) |  Trailer  | Website |  IMDb
Field Logistics Manager
BBC’s landmark series about seven continents. I coordinated logistics for filming macaws in the episode about South America and assisted with the filming.

The Indonesian Parrot Project (2019) |  Trailer  |  Website  |  IMDb
Producer, Scientific Editor
A documentary about the history and current work of the Indonesian Parrot Project NGO, and the challenges of parrot conservation in Indonesia.

BBC: Earth’s Great Rivers (2018) |  Website  |  IMDb
Field Logistics / Footage Provider
BBC’s blue-chip series about three great rivers: the Amazon, Nile, and Mississippi. I coordinated filming of clay licks and rivers in Peru, and provided footage for the series.

The Macaw Kingdom (2018) |  Trailer  |  Website  |  IMDb
Producer, Scientific Editor, Character
An award-winning documentary featuring the everyday work of scientists in the Tambopata region of Peru, and showing how they collect important scientific data to conserve this biodiversity hotspot.

Fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon (2017) |  Website | IMDb
Series Producer, Character
A documentary mini-series about researchers working in the Peruvian Amazon. With Rainforest Expeditions I have received a grant by Innóvate Perú of the Peruvian Government for innovation and science communication in Tambopata. Thanks to this grant, we were able to invite several researchers to Tambopata and film them in the field.

The Macaw Project (2016) |  Trailer  |  Website  |  IMDb
Producer, Scientific Editor, Character
I crowdfunded the postproduction costs of this documentary about my PhD research project and ecotourism in the Peruvian Amazon. It was translated to five languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian), screened in different countries, and gained a large public attention. This was used to direct public attention towards the problems these birds are facing in their habitat and the importance of scientific conservation research on the future of macaws in Tambopata, Peru.

Wildcrime (2013) |  Website  |  IMDb
Production Coordinator, Character
A documentary mini-series of Filmjungle Studio featuring issues about the illegal wildlife trade, including shark fins, rhino horns, elephant tusks, parrots, and eagles. I have contributed to the episode about the Illegal Parrot Trade.

Ecotourism and Conservation (2011-2012) | Website
Production Coordinator, Scientific Editor
In collaboration with Rainforest Expeditions, a prominent ecotourism company in Peru, we produced several short videos profiling the role of ecotourism in research and nature conservation.